Community Outreach

Disability Awareness

Since the signing of the American’s with Disabilities Act into law more than 25 years ago, many positive changes have taken place in the country – ramped corners, more accessible parking, automatic doors but how much effort has been put into changing people’s attitudes and perceptions about people with disabilities?

Join Tekki Lomnicki, advertising copywriter, disability advocate and Artistic Director of Tellin’ Tales Theatre for an engaging and honest discussion about breaking down the barriers between disabled and non-disabled people to promote acceptance and understanding.  Tekki will discuss the hiring trends of people with disabilities, disability-aware language, unconscious bias, office dos and don’ts, and tips on how to seamlessly integrate people with disabilities into your team—all while humorously sharing her own experiences and those of her friends with disabilities in corporate America—then and now.

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The Disability Pride Parade

Tekki leads the TTT Team at the 2015 Disability Pride Parade.
Tekki leads the TTT Team at the Disability Pride Parade.

The first of its kind, the Disability Pride Parade kicks off at Disability Pride Way (401 S Plymouth Court) and moves through Chicago’s Loop, north to Jackson Street and west to Dearborn Street. There at Daley Plaza, a festival of participants and guests can visit booths, mingle and enjoy diverse live entertainment. Annually, a fun group of Tellin’ Tales cast, crew and board members march on the parade route with masks and props greeting the crowds along the way and at the Tellin’ Tales informational booth. Please join us next July!

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The Tellin’ Tales Team shines with pride in the parade
The Tellin’ Tales Team shines with pride in the parade


The team met J.B. Pritzker
The team met J.B. Pritzker 


A squirrel appeared at the TTT booth
A squirrel appeared at the TTT booth



After School Programs

Tellin’ Tales teaching artists are trained to come into your elementary, middle school or high school for residencies or short-term workshops in storytelling and acting. We specialize in working with students with disabilities.

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Would you like to Tellin’ Tales to create a program at your school? Contact Tekki Lomnicki.