2023 Season: Stories in High Definition

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Fillet of Solo – Mirror Mirror
Live at Lifeline Theatre 
Saturday, January 14 @ 4PM 
Sunday, Januart 22 @ 5:30PM 

4 solo performers reflect on their mirror images in the 26th annual Fillet of Solo Festival. 

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HANDS UP! Misunderstood Minds
Kedzie Inn March 10 
NEIU March 11 

An exploration of shared experiences around  mental illness. The stories intertwine into a  beautiful and heartwarming account of individual  journeys with mental health.

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DIVERCITY—Refocusing Disability
Greenhouse Theater Center 
June 9, 10, 11 

Adult writers, performers and advocates with  disabilities present virtual solo performances  developed in our EveryBody Has a Story  Master Class. 

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Life is in the Details
Young Adult Writers Reader’s Theater
Sulzer Library July 23

Writers, college age and beyond, with and without disabilities share stories in a reader’s theatre presentation.

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Adult Solo Performer Show
Theater TBD August 18, 19, 20

Seasoned Chicago solo performers and Live Lit writers reveal the stories under the masks they show the world.

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Six Stories Up in THE ATTIC
Filament Theatre
November TBD

Middle school students and their adult mentors with and without disabilities discover dusty family secrets and life lessons in a magical attic.

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