Programming & Outreach

Since 1996, Tellin’ Tales Theatre has been creating groundbreaking theater through personal storytelling. As the needs of the disability community evolves, so does the need for education. Tellin’ Tales designs programs and workshops using personal storytelling to help promote awareness, understanding and acceptance within diverse cultural and socioeconomic communities. We design tailor made corporate diversity training programs for human resource professionals and their employees. We conduct workshops at various local venues that promote disability acceptance education. We are activists for those with disabilities. Our presence in the community is needed now more than ever.

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Tellin’ Tales Theatre at Francis W. Parker School

In the spring of 2017, Chicago’s Tellin’ Tales Theatre shared its powerful production of FREEDOM Out of Order with our students at Francis W. Parker School in a Morning Assembly in order to further the conversation about disability awareness in our school community. The awareness these Tellin’ Tales actors bring to their audiences with humor, artistry and music is truly amazing. Our students were quiet and intensely attentive during this 30-minute performance. Although it was unfortunate that our assembly time limitations did not allow for a Q & A session after the show to allow for our students to interact and get to know these amazing actors and charismatic human beings, some teachers discussed the experience in class after the assembly. High school students said they were glad they were exposed to this type of diversity! Our 4th graders loved it and were amazed at what they saw. Teachers and administrators were very appreciative and grateful for this experience. One administrator wrote “This was really inspirational, powerful and impactful.”  I hope that Tellin’ Tales Theatre shows like these travel to many more schools and student audiences to promote awareness, understanding and acceptance. Thank you, Tellin’ Tales for all you do to and for your important mission to “shatter barriers between the disabled and non-disabled worlds through the transformative power of personal story. . .”

Maria Foustalieraki, Parker teacher and parent