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2016 Disability Pride Parade
2016 Disability Pride Parade

Tellin’ Tales is active in the community by leading the charge to break down the barriers between those with and without disabilities. Not only will you find us on stage; you will meet members of our group at speaking engagements and community events throughout the city including the annual Disability Pride Parade.

Our theater group’s rich history of providing innovative workshops for schools, churches, after-school programs and corporations has garnered attention throughout Chicagoland. Tellin’ Tales conducts workshops and one-day seminars for leading companies of all sizes to enhance and educate staff on disability awareness. Please contact us if you would like to explore a custom designed program, workshop or presentation for your group.

We define collaboration by partnering with other nonprofits to leverage disability awareness issues throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area. In 2015, we joined forces with Access Living and the promotion of ADA25. In the fall of 2016, Project Onward artists provided artwork for the annual student/mentoring production Six Stories Up. The partnership highlighted their exceptional talent to a new audience, and added tremendous value to the show. Access Living and Project Onward are just a few examples of creating power in numbers. We welcome the opportunity to produce life enrichment experiences for our students, audiences and program participants.



Customized sponsorships are available for an individual production, a specific program or for the entire Tellin’ Tales season. Tellin’ Tales Theatre strives to create a tailored program for companies of all sizes and industries. Would you like to take advantage of an engaged membership of professionals who represent families, dual-income households, professional singles and disability awareness and diversity advocates? The Tellin’ Tales audience is loyal and growing. In fact, our donor base has grown by 300% since 2014. And our direct marketing response rate is twice the national average.

Sponsorship programs range from $250 to $10,000.

Please contact us or call 312-540-1330 to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

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