Six Stories Up in Defiance

Six middle school students are given the assignment to create a video game using their personal stories. After one of the students is trapped in the game they must save her. This show was filmed live in front of green screen to add the video effects. Directed by Tekki Lomnicki & Stephen Donart this is Tellin’ Tales Theatre’s 25th anniversary mentoring program and show featuring:


The Apprentices:
Henry Kephart
Ashley Kruzel
Jordyn Norberg
Naomi Reid
Paloma Sagel-Vidal
Tiernan Tajalli

With Dominika Tamley


The Mentors:
Stephen Donart
Mary Hobein
Tekki Lomnicki
Kim Smith
Nadia Stodder
Robert Teverbaugh


November 12-21
Watch Any Time


$20 General
$10 Student/Disabled
$45 Family
Closed captioning & audio description available

Questions: 312-540-1330

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