FREEDOM out of order

FREEDOM out of order
FREEDOM out of order

Lyric Opera Chicago Community Voices Project

With the support of a Lyric-hired professional creative team Tellin’ Tales has developed a fully-staged original performance to share our one-of-a-kind, untold stories through music and theater. When eleven Chicagoans discover they are anything but typical, they must navigate their own path through a world of challenges including exams, dating, and job interviews— all while using public transportation. FREEDOM out of order is a musical about the never-ending journey towards self-acceptance and the extraordinary and creative ways we can travel through life. This musical is about people with disabilities and their allies. It is for everyone.


Harris Theatre
205 E. Randolph St., Chicago

September 24, 2016 @7:30 p.m.  SOLD OUT


Susan Aarup, Jessie Bowers, Lizzy Brahin, Kevin D’Ambrosio, Michael Herzovi, Matthew Kopp, Tekki Lomnicki, Tammy Rozofsky, Joanne Sauter,   Alexa Wohfort, Molly Wiesman


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